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Love under the sun.


Chapter Four.

'So I thought if we walk around Las ramblas this morning and then after lunch we could then maybe go onto the coast in the afternoon.'

Aaron nodded as he took a sip of his coffee.

'I'll do anything me.'

Robert grinned. 'You know I love this Aaron, I thought I'd seen all of you but excited Aaron is definitely my favourite!'

Aaron laughed. 'You make me sound like a kid!'

Robert held Aaron's hand across the table. 'Behave I just love seeing you like this. I apologise in advance because I may say this a lot on this holiday.'

Aaron looked puzzled.

'Te amo.'

'In English Robert!!'

Robert grinned, 'I love you.'

'Ah yer soft get stop it!'

'One day you'll say it back!'

Aaron playfully hit Robert's arm. 'Shall we go then?'

'Have you finished your breakfast now then?'

Aaron nodded.

'Right let's go then.' Robert stood and brushed the crumbs off his beige shorts and getting the rucksack they had decided to share he made his way towards their door.

'Am I in charge of the key?' Aaron asked.

'Yes, keep it safe somewhere.'

Robert looked at Aaron's black shorts and vest top. 'Tell you what give it to me and I'll put it in the bag.'

Aaron handed it over and went and got his sunglasses from out of his case.

'Ready!' He said as he struck a pose making Robert double over in laughter.

'Come on you let's meet Barcelona!'

They had been here now a couple of days and sightseeing was what they had been doing more than anything. Last night Robert had taken Aaron to the fountains as every evening they did a display with music and colour. Aaron had loved it he recorded some on his phone so he could show his mum when he got home.

This holiday was just what both men had needed after everything that had happened this year.

The men wandered around the different shops and stalls looking at the many wonderful things. Aaron was taking photos of Robert who laughed at Aaron as he just kept clicking away and wouldn't stop.

'Here you're meant to look at these things with me you know. You think Diane would like this scarf?' Robert asked.

'Erm, would she wear it?'

'Course she would as it would be from us!'

The stall owner walked over, 'You like what you see Senor?' He smiled.

'It's very nice. How much you asking?' Robert said

'Twenty Euros. Pure silk you see.'

Robert laughed 'Twenty honestly that's funny, isn't that funny Aaron!'

'It's what he asked? Don't be a fool Robert what are you doing.'

'Listen to your friend he speaks sense. Si twenty Euros.'

Robert shook his head, 'No, no, no for this I'll give you seven euros.'

The man's eyes widened 'Seven euros!! I just said twenty now who's having a joke!'

Aaron looked between the two men what was Robert thinking.

'Okay, okay.'

Aaron smiled at the man.

'I'll give you twelve.'

Aaron looked to the floor shaking his head.

'Fifteen and it is yours?'

Robert thought for a moment.

'Si fifteen sounds good. I'll take it.' The man  smiled as he went to get a bag.

Robert grinned at Aaron 'Can't beat a bit of bartering.'

He took the money from his wallet and handed it to the man.

'I thought he was going to hit you for a minute.' Aaron said.

'No he wouldn't do that they love all that over here. Oo look over there at those ornaments.' Robert said taking Aaron's hand.

They spent the rest of the morning looking at all the stalls. Aaron saw a necklace he thought his mum would like, Robert told him to barter for it but he was unsure so in the end Robert took over.

'You are a natural at that Robert.' Aaron said as he sipped his coffee as both men had some lunch in a small cafe.

Robert laughed at him 'You'll learn Aaron. Now this afternoon we'll go the beach and spend the afternoon there then have our evening meal in a restaurant by there.

'Seem to have it all planned out don't yer. I'm sure your shoulders are getting red.' Aaron said poking at them.

Robert looked at them. 'Yeah they seem a little red I put some cream on at the hotel before we left?'

'When we were in the room earlier not since then that was ages ago Robert you're fair skinned you have to be careful.'

Robert grinned 'Come on then let's get the beach and you can layer me again and sunbathe for a bit. Then after that I fancy a dip in the sea.'

Aaron and him stood up as Robert left the money by their empty plates, holding out his hand to Aaron he pulled Aaron close and walked with his hand in Aaron's.

Aaron loved feeling like this with Robert. Now they weren't in the village Robert kept doing loads of public displays of affection. If he wasn't holding his hand he had an arm around him or now again steal a kiss it felt right. This was the Robert he loved.

They walked through the throngs of people until they were stood on the promenade looking towards the sea.

'What do you think?' Robert said looking sideways at his boyfriend.

'It looks amazing!'

'Come on then let's get down there.'

Robert grinned as he grabbed Aaron's hand and led him down onto the beach.

'Aah the sand is hot Robert! Ow! It's burning me feet!'

'Oh stop moaning we need to get a good place near the sea. Those two loungers over there look perfect.'

'What if there someone's, I don't want a fight!!'

Robert laughed as he pulled Aaron behind him.

'There is nothing on them or near them so it's safe to say there empty. Here we are!' Robert stopped suddenly causing Aaron to crash into him.

Aaron pulled a face and was about to shout at Robert when Robert pulled his t-shirt over his head and lay it on the lounger at the side of him. Aaron stared as he saw his boyfriend's golden torso in all its glory.

'I'm going for a dip first then I'll sunbathe for a bit. What are you going to do?' Robert began pulling his shorts down to reveal his black swimwear beneath them.

Aaron gulped as he sat on his lounger quickly and started looking through the rucksack Robert had put down.

'Well? Are you coming in or staying there?'

'I, I'll stay here a bit.' Aaron looked up.

'Okay, won't be long.' Robert smiled as he walked backwards to the sea then turning he strode with purpose into the clear blue water.

Aaron took off his shorts and revealed his pale blue swimwear then sitting back down and checking no one was near took off his vest.

Even now his scars bothered him, even if every night Robert would trace a light finger over them and tell him how sorry he was about them. Aaron delved in the rucksack again looking for the suncream which Robert had out in earlier, finding it he took it out the bag and opened it.

He was just about to put some on his hand when Robert shouted over his hair all wet and drips of water dripping down his chest.

'Aaron. Aaron come and join me the water is lovely! Come on!'

'I can't what about our stuff?'

'It'll be fine, place it on the loungers no one will take anything. Come on.'

Aaron placed his things on the lounger he sat on and smiling he walked to where Robert was. He had his arms folded across his chest as he felt people would look at his scars.

Robert smiled back and ran a hand through his wet hair.

Aaron tentively entered the water and let out a yelp.  'Oh my God it's freezing! Robert how can you say this is lovely, I'm holding my breath here!!'

Robert let out a huge laugh.

'You'll soon get used to it, uncross your arms you may lose your balance that way.'

Aaron shook his head.

'Aaron it's just me.' Robert said in a low voice.

Pulling a face Aaron placed his arms out at either side of his body and met Robert who grabbed Aaron's waist and pulled him close.

'Aah that's better, you're close to me again.' Then bending down he kissed Aaron full on the mouth and sighed into the kiss.

The men stayed like that a while Aaron wrapped his arms around Robert's neck pulling him closer.

Coming too the men parted smiling at each other then Robert stood back a little and splashed Aaron as he giggled.

'Oi what was that for?' Aaron frowned.

'You need to get that head wet!' Robert splashed Aaron again.

'Stop it!' Aaron splashed Robert back.

Robert laughed as he swam away from Aaron.

'Come here you.'
Aaron began swimming after him.

Robert dived under the water and disappeared from Aaron's view.

'Robert. Robert. Where are you?' Aaron looked about him starting to look worried.

Suddenly he felt two arms around his waist and Robert came up for air holding onto him smiling.

'You soft get you scared me!' Aaron hit Robert's shoulder.

Robert held Aaron tighter and Aaron suddenly wrapped his legs around him.

'Thank you.' Aaron said seriously.

'For what?'

'This, the holiday, the hotel, everything. Thank you.' Aaron kissed Robert taking him by surprise.

Robert felt aroused at this. 'Stop Aaron not here, I can't..'

Aaron moved his mouth to Robert's neck causing Robert to inhale deeply.

'Please Aaron, oh god, please stop this.'

Aaron looked at Robert both confused and upset .

'What's wrong?'

'Nothing it's just here is a bit public, there are families over there and well I could get a little carried away! Let's go and sunbathe for a while.'

Robert moved so Aaron could get his legs from round him.

'I'll meet you back by the loungers.' Robert said as he began to swim back to the shore.

Aaron watched him and felt a little deflated. He thought that was what Robert had wanted but obviously not. He also began to swim back to the shore. When he got back Robert had already towel dried himself and was putting on suncream.

'Have I upset you?' Aaron said as he began patting his chest dry.

Robert looked up squinting as his eyes hit the sun.

'What? No why would you think that.'

'Oh I don't know, one minute we were kissing and that then suddenly you practically threw me into the sea.' Aaron said as he dried his legs.

'Aaron you just clamped your legs round me put a tongue in my mouth and snogged the face off me. If you were me wouldn't you be aroused?'

Aaron shrugged, 'Where you aroused. Was that why? Oh God really?'

Robert looked at Aaron sheepishly and then nodded quickly changing the subject.

'Here put some cream on my back.'

Aaron took the cream from him and placed some between his hands and then began rubbing it into Robert's back chuckling as he spoke.

'Can't believe you got turned on in the sea.'

'Stop it you. Careful how you put that cream on as well.'

Aaron laughed. 'You put some on my back too lover boy!' He said as he slapped Robert's back.

As Robert rubbed in the cream Aaron closed his eyes smiling to himself. He knew he loved Robert months ago now he knew he adored him. He had never felt so content in his life knowing that Robert felt the same. This was just perfect.

'This holiday is the making of us you know Robert. I hope you feel that too.'

Robert grinned listening to Aaron.

'Yeah I do. I always wanted us to be a couple even if I denied it out loud. But I think we are a perfect fit, yes we have our faults but together we are just, well we're just right.'

Aaron sat up on his lounger and pulled Robert closer. 'I don't care if you get aroused or whatever just kiss me.'

Aaron moved his body forward as did Robert and they kissed deeply.


A couple of hours later as people started to leave the beach to move onto places for dinner etc Robert looked around and said to Aaron.

'I think we need a shower and dinner don't you?'

Aaron opened his eyes and blinked as everywhere looked white.

'What? A shower? Where?'

'There. Then get changed in the toilets ready for a meal.'

Aaron looked over where Robert was. It was a communal shower on the beach there were two women there at the moment.

Suddenly Aaron sat up straight, 'Robert I've just thought I've not brought any underpants with me!'

Robert looked across at Aaron.

'Really? You know what neither have I! We can go commando under our shorts!'

Aaron looked disgusted, 'Ew Robert really. I don't think I could.'

Robert laughed, 'Live a little!! Come on the shower is free now. We'll get this sand off us and cream and get changed in there.' He said pointing to the toilets.

Aaron rolled his eyes but got up taking his towel and followed Robert to the shower. The water was freezing and both men gasped as it made contact with their skin.

'Robert your shoulders look really red. Did you put enough cream on them?' Aaron said worried.

'Yeah, yeah they'll be fine.'

Aaron looked at them. 'They look sore.'

'I'll be fine.'

'Okay.' Aaron rolled his eyes.

After the men showered they got changed in the toilets. Robert walked out the cubicle and smiled as he saw Aaron fixing his hair. It had got all fluffy with the salt water and he was trying to get it down.

'Leave it like that it suits you.'

'Ugh I hate it fluffy!!' Aaron huffed.

Robert grinned as he walked up to him and whispered 'Are you commando though? That's the important question.'

Aaron looked sideways at Robert then whispering down his ear, 'Yes!'

Both men giggled as a man entered and walked over to a cubicle. Robert nudged Aaron to get his things and place them in the rucksack which he did.

The Sun was still hot as they left the toilets and Robert looked around and saw a beach bar taking Aaron's hand he walked up to it in
contented silence.

Aaron too was happy he looked to where there were a couple of families playing on the beach and some still sat in the early evening sun. Turning he saw the bar come into view and looking at Robert he saw him reading the menu.

'Mmm they do some amazing food here, let's eat here.'

Walking up to the smiling waiter Robert asked him if there was a table for two as they hadn't booked.

'Si, Claro Senor. ' He walked backwards pointing at the table nearest the sand. Robert nodded back at him and sat down as did Aaron.

'Two cerzvas por favor. '

The waiter nodded and handed them the menu while he went to get their drinks.

Aaron was looking out at the sea smiling.

'I need a pic of this, the sun setting with palm trees coming into view. Here get in it too and I'll send it to mum, Diane and Adam.

Both men leaned across the table their heads together and smiled.

Aaron grinned as he showed Robert the picture of them both then began typing in his phone.


'Wonder if it's hot there? We have had terrible weather since they left. Have you heard from Aaron pet?' Diane sipped her gin and tonic as she leaned on the bar.

'Only when they arrived said the room was more like a posh flat. Said Robert had pulled out all the stops.' Chas smiled. 'He doesn't half spoil Aaron you know.'

Diane's phone buzzed in her handbag as she opened it she rolled her eyes, 'If this is Doug I will scream he can't stand being in the B&B without me.'

'Ooo it's a media message from your Aaron!'

Chas stared wide eyed as Diane clicked on her phone then her face broke into a huge grin,

'Aww look at them they look so happy and brown! Your Aaron doesn't half tan!'

She passed the phone to Chas and she put a free hand up to her mouth. Aaron had put the heading 'Paradise ❤. xxxx' and then below the picture of him and Robert leaning into each other.

'They look so happy, Diane I never thought I'd say this but Robert deep down is a lovely lad.'

'So is your Aaron. I think they are made for each other.'

The door of the pub swung open as Adam entered with Victoria,

'Hey have you seen this, Aaron sent me a pic of him and Rob, they look like a pair of lovebirds! Soppy so and sos!'

Chas smiled as Adam spoke, 'Wonder if he sent me the same pic. I'm going to check me phone. Hold up.'

Victoria sat next to Diane and grinned, 'Robert did say he was going to make Aaron smile again and he certainly has!'

'He did!! I got the same pic too. Aww look at them. It's looks amazing were there are.' Chas grinned as she began to type.


'Shall we go fo-' *BEEP*

'Oh it's from Adam!' Aaron smiled over at Robert. 'Yes lad look at you two. Hope you're having the best time.'

Robert went to speak again, *BEEP*

'Diane has sent one. 'You both look so tanned I'm jealous. Look after yourselves. xxxx'

Robert grinned then went to say

'I was abo-' *BEEP*

'It's mum. 'Both look gorgeous missing you rotten. Enjoy the rest of your stay. Mum xxxx'

Robert took a sip of his beer, 'Anyone else going send us a message Paddy, Marlon, Cain?'

'I only sent them a message! Go on what were you going to say?' Aaron said as he put his phone down.

'Well I wondered if you wanted to take a walk along the beach and then sit together watching the sunset on the sand.'

'You soppy thing! You want us to do that.' Aaron grinned.

'We..we don't have to! I...I ...I just thoug-'

'Oh Robert it's a lovely thought. I'm not laughing AT you, I'm grinning that someone wants to do that with me! I'd love too.' Aaron took hold of Robert's hand.

Robert smiled back. 'I love you Aaron Dingle.'

'And I love you too Robert Sugden.'

Aaron leaned across the table and planted a kiss on Robert's lips and as he pulled back smiled at Robert's shocked face.

Love under the sun.


Chapter Three.

The two men entered the huge reception area where there was soft music playing in the background and other guests milling around minding their own business. Aaron was looking everywhere, his eyes wide.

'Aaron over here.' Robert couldn't help but laugh at Aaron's face.

Robert waited until Aaron caught up to him and then he turned and faced the small dark lady in a red uniform who greeted him with a friendly smile.

The LFC Chippendales!

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Please watch this!

Here is a Sky sports compilation of Liverpools' win over Manchester United.

Must watch!

Interviews with Sami,Riera and Lucas.


Credit:milankakabaros  RAWK

Christmas cheer.

Well Christmas is fast approaching and this is the first year I have been so under prepared!So far I have bought ONE ,yes one present!!
At least I have a week off work now to try and get presents for people.But then there are the crowds of people that I will face!(Aaarrrgh!)
I  will grit my teeth and take a deep breath and join in the throng !

Been told one present that I will be getting ,that will be Carra's autobiography!Now I am looking forward
to that,should be a good read.

Anyway got to get back to writing my present list for people.Oh and then I will try and fight with my tree and see who wins!!!!
It will be a tough and physical battle but I should/will be the victor!(ha ha )


This will be me (I hope !) by the end of the week.


Here are some pictures of an extremely happy Xabi from today's game!!!!!



Pepe in Xabi praise.

Today in the Liverpool Echo Pepe Reina has been speaking about Xabi Alonso and I thought I would share with you what he said.

"He (Xabi) has been amazing  these past four months. The character he has shown has been really good.He is a quiet person and a lovely guy - a good teammate."

Going on Pepe said :

"I don't need to talk about him as a player.People know how good he is.He has got everything.He is one of the most complete midfielders in the world."

The article  is as follows.


Also in other Liverpool related news yesterday Steven Gerrard has signed an exclusive deal with a building development in Dubai.The £150m  residential block will be named the STEVEN GERRARD TOWER.In return Steven it is understood has accepted an apartment worth £1m in return for using his name.
At the launch in London ,(before he met  Tess!!!) Steven said  "I am truly privileged  to be part of such a pioneering project."



The link to this article is:


New picture of Xabi!

Just  looking through the internet and found this new picture of Xabi at an adidas promotion .
Will put link down but first  here is Xabi.
(credit:sport magazine)

EDIT:If you want to read the interview which goes with the picture its:


Steven Gerrard freeman of Knowsley.

On Monday evening Steven Gerrard was made a freeman of Knowsley.Being a freeman he is allowed to do what he likes(within reason!)in the area of Knowsley.That is Huyton,Prescot and Whiston For example he can park wherever he likes!(Lucky him!) .The ceremony was celebrated in Huyton where he grew up.The Mayor of Knowsley presented him with a scroll and Steven then did a little speech.There have including Steven only ever been FOUR freeman of Knowsley.

In 2005 Jamie Carragher became a freeman of Sefton


Doesn't he look good.

Link to video :www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/videos-pictures/videos/2008/10/31/steven-gerrardreceives-the-freedom-of-knowsley-100252-22226218/

Tonight the 15th Europe music awards were held tonight (6th Nov) in Liverpool.
As well as the popstars such as Pink,Kayne West and Katy Perry on the red carpet there were also Liverpool and Everton players there too!
Look below and see who looked better ???lookCollapse )